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The day before payday


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I’m finally catching up on Looking. The second to last ep just nearly made me cry. I’ve done so much of that. I’ve been so defensive and terrible to guys I’m dating. I’ve pushed them away when I’m stressed. I’ve let my perception of what I think my family would approve of dictate my actions. I’ve stupidly made myself entirely impenetrable. And here I am with my weird, screwed up life. Fuck this show and it’s truth bombs.

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“Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Real gods require blood.”

—   Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God (via ughmoriarty)

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For Jonesy <3

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fuck this ‘top’ or’ bottom’ shit, i wanna know what’s your favorite book by vonnegut.


How about never?


How about never?

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